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Guía del barrio más cool de México City: La Roma

Attention all cinephiles and wanderlust enthusiasts! Ready to embark on a journey to the most cinematic destination in Mexico? If you've seen Alfonso Cuaron's masterpiece ‘Roma', you'll understand how this city has a classic aura that transports you back to a romantic past. However, the reality is that Mexico City has rapidly changed over the years. That's why I invite you to join me in exploring this vibrant , quarter. And also learn how to talk about the changes in time and history by mastering the Present and Imperfect Tenses in Spanish. So pack your bags, grab your camera, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure!


El chef detrás del restaurante más influyente del mundo

Have you ever been in a restaurant waiting list for almost 4 years in order to have dinner? I know… Looks a bit excessive, even for a world-famous fine dining restaurant. But this was what people had to face/ tackle if they wanted to eat at El Bulli, a Three-Michellin-Start place, recognised as the best restaurant in the world for 5 years and one the most influent restaurants in History. Discover who was the chef behind and why he decided to close this culinary mecca. And meanwhile, learn how to talk about the milestones and life cycle, so you’ll be ready to tell the biography of your loved ones.


Cómo seguir una receta: utensilios de cocina en español

Hispanic-American culture is a tasty combination of colours and flavours. African colours from the Caribbean and the American west coast blend with the Arab influence in Spain. Native communities and western influences combine to make a colourful stained glass window. Hispanic culture is diverse and can be seen in art, language, and of course, gastronomy. Take a taste of this amazing culture! Get to know the main dishes of the Hispanic world as you learn about basic kitchenware.


¡Cafés para todos! Guía de cafés del mundo hispano

Everybody drinks coffee, but the way to prepare it and drink it changes from country to country. Café con leche, café cortado, café de olla, café chorreado… In a foreign country, it’s hard to decide which drink is going to help us to feel alive every morning. Get a bit of guidance to decide which coffee would fit you the best. And discover how to prepare this delicious beverage in 7 Hispanic countries while learning how to order a coffee in Spanish!


La Navidad más larga del mundo: Navidad a la española

Did you know that Christmas lasts longer than 10 days in Spain? You read it right!There are a lot of traditions in the Iberian country that are celebrated during the end of the year and at the beginning of the new year.Traditions include lots of food, toasts, grape eating, parties, and even a parade through the streets! Spaniards definitely know how to make the most of the days off in winter. Nochevieja, Nochebuena, el Gordo… There are a lot of words they use to refer to the events of this season, so if you're spending Christmas in Spain, you'll need to know them. So read this post and check out the vocabulary guide!

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