Learning by doing
Mastering by practising

Meanwhile, have a roadmap handy to keep track of your journey

What is the secret recipe to learn Spanish?

Become a confident speaker with a good mix of this 4-Ingredient formula:


Do things you LOVE in Spanish


Do them OFTEN


Have a VERY organised plan


EMBRACE your mistakes

That's our LOVE formula. And it's based on neuroscience studies.

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What does the neuroscience say about learning another language?

According to science, you can make changes in your brain and learn whatever you want if you have:


Shows you can make changes to your brain and learn whatever if you have:

Spanish in the Air

Will provide all these ingredients and will help you by:

Motivation to keep you committed


Adapting the learning process to your interests

Strategy to stay focused


Giving you a plan

Practice to keep you thriving


Guiding you on your practice

Confidence to overcome obstacles


Empowering you to learn from your mistakes

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Find out what Neuroscience has to say regarding learning new languages with Mario Alonso Puig's testimonial, an internationally acclaimed scientist, who also talks about his own experience learning English.